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Ballroom & Latin Dance (Level 1)

Venue: Victoria Hall
Tutor: Steve & Vicky
Thursday 12.30-2.30
An easy beginners' introduction to the fun and pleasure of Ballroom dancing. Learn the basics steps of Ballroom and Latin American dance, starting with Waltz, cha-cha, and quickstep. Come and join us for a fun atmosphere.The course is aimed at beginners or those with minimal experience. All are welcome, including singles.

After three terms at Level 1 you must progress to Level 2 if you wish to continue your dancing.
Enrol for L2 in the office w/c 26th June!

Ballroom & Latin Dance (Level 2)

Venue: Victoria Hall
Tutor: Steve & Vicky
Friday 10-12
A follow-on from the beginners class, and the tuition will reflect this. Learn more advanced techniques and see yourself progress. All are welcome including singles.

Priority will be given to those moving up from Level 1.
From 3rd July it is open to other experienced dancers who want to continue.