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Photography 1

Tutor: Robin Eley-Jones
Thursday 2.30-4.30
A basic course for those who wish to understand how their digital camera works and want to become photographers rather than 'snappers'. Learn how to use your camera controls creatively. We cover easy ways to improve your pictures, eradicate errors and make your pictures more satisfying by understanding more about colour, composition and how to use the light.

Photography 3

Tutor: Robin Eley-Jones
Wednesday 12.15-2.15
For those who wish to develop the photographic skills they already have from previous experience or by having taken another 3Ls course. Aimed at those who have a basic understanding of shutter speeds, apertures and focusing (but these will be recapped in detail), who wish to improve their abilities. Students will be encouraged to submit some of their photos for discussion.

Photography 4

Tutor: Robin Eley-Jones
Wednesday 2.30-4.30
For those who wish to increase their skills and make their pictures more creative. For those familiar with the basics of manual/automatic cameras but who wish to have more advanced features (depth-of-field, colour/white balance, ISO, auto focusing, shutter speeds/apertures etc.) explained. Well suited to those who have already attended a previous 3Ls course. Print critiques will be included and participants will be encouraged to undertake assignments.

Photography 5

Tutor: Robin Eley-Jones
Friday 10.00-12.00
For those who have attended a 3Ls photo course previously, or possess a reasonably good level of practical knowledge, but wish to improve their skills. Those attending will normally own an SLR or bridge camera, and wish to enhance their creativity by improving composition, using the light in better ways, and focusing more effectively. The course will include lively discussions, technical advice, and picture critiques. Some assignments will be set, and the course will include some practical sessions.