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Calligraphy | Card Making & Paper Craft | Drawing Club | Learn to Paint | Oils & Acrylics | Pastels *NEW* | Patchwork & Quilting | Portraits | Watercolour Painting |
Ballroom & Latin Dance | Keep Fit | Pilates | Salsa & Exercise! | Tai Chi | Tap Dance For Health | Yoga |
Chester History | Egyptology *NEW* | The Industrial Revolution | Liverpool History | Step Back In Time | The Stuarts to the Hanoverians *NEW* | Wirral Villages *NEW* | Wirral History |
French | German | Italian | Latin For All *NEW* | Spanish |
Computers - Beginners *NEW* | Drama *NEW* | English Literature | Enjoying Music | Family History | Modern Art *NEW* | Psychology For You | Singing For All | Tasty Cooking For All | Creative Writing |
Creative Camera *NEW* | Digital Imaging | Photography |


How to use the buttons above

As your mouse hovers over the category bar above ('Arts and Crafts' etc) the individual classes appear; drop the mouse below the bar then in a straight line go along to the class you want and click on it.

Alternatively for a list of All Courses click here or for the course Week at a Glance click here.

When you see this symbol against a course, it means that it runs for three terms beginning in September term. New learners should not enrol after that term. All other courses may be joined at any term.