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Volunteering Opportunities

Wirral 3Ls was started in 1995 by a handful of go-ahead people who got together to set up and organise independent daytime classes for adults (without exams etc.) quite separate from what was on offer from the local authority, and social activities of all kinds to appeal to the older age group, especially those living alone.

The work put in by these founder members was incredible. With very limited facilities and finance they put in countless hours of unpaid work over the years - from kitchen tables in their homes they planned courses and activities, prepared programmes and distributed mail by hand, organised money-raising events, explored different premises, applied for whatever funding was available, met with local and national bodies, and ultimately succeeded in creating the 3Ls we enjoy today.

By 2020 our membership had reached around 1300 – roughly the size of a small secondary school!

Unlike those schools, however, we do not have their extensive budget, facilities, staffing, secretariat or I.T. departments. Instead, we have one full-time employee (myself), one part-time employee (Lesley Wharton, our financial administrator), and our loyal team of tutors, all supported by a brilliant (unpaid) group of volunteers and Trustees (plus a few dodgy computers!)

3Ls would not exist without the generous hard work put in by so many members over the years, and on whom we still rely today. They have discovered the pleasure and reward which comes from working with like-minded people to put something worthwhile into society. It’s rather sad that this is becoming a rarer outlook today.

To secure the future of Wirral 3Ls we need all your continuing support and goodwill.

If you would like to help support 3Ls in a practical way, please consider whether you would like to be part of our regular team of volunteers, Trustees, or social team.  If interested, call in to the office for a chat.

With best wishes,

David Bickford, General Manager.