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To all Wirral 3Ls members. 

It’s time for a new edition of Kaleidoscope and once again I need your contributions. I would welcome your poems, stories, paintings, or photographs.

Please send your contributions direct to me at kaleidoscope-editor@outlook.com or to the Office. I prefer Word documents or JPEG images, but I will try to work with whatever format you use. Articles should be roughly 200-300 words, but write more if you feel you need to, with a photo if appropriate (a caption would be helpful).

Please let me have your contributions by 16 February, that is by the the end of the first week of half term, though the earlier the better. This will allow time for final editing, proof reading, and printing.

All your contributions are welcome though I can’t guarantee to publish everything, and the editor’s decision is final. If in doubt please contact me at kaleidoscope-editor@outlook.com or via the Office.

Tim Parrott, Editor Kaleidoscope.

PS The next issue will be number 100, so if you like a challenge send me something on the theme “100” – but don’t feel limited by this suggestion!

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