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Updated message from the Trustees November 2021

Dear Members,

We are really pleased to welcome you all back to our programme of leisure courses, which we hope you will enjoy. 
We explained in our last edition that as 3Ls had received no income for nearly 18 months, regrettably our fees needed to increase. For a full 10 week term, we need to charge £80 for the majority of courses. We hope you will agree that this is still excellent value.  The classes will also run for a full 1.5 hours, with no break, allowing time for room cleaning and "pupil" changeover between sessions.
Numbers in the classes at Bebington Civic Centre are still limited by the Council, and these need to be full in order to cover our costs.  So we really need you to sign up to make each class financially viable, otherwise 3Ls may have to close permanently, due to lack of funds.  Classes outside the civic centre are less affected by restrictions, and the capacity of these classes are much as before. 
So - thank you for your patience and support, and do enjoy your classes.

With very kind regards

The Trustees,  Wirral 3Ls
25th November 2021

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